The Healing Benefits Of Bowen Therapy
Bowen therapy is a holistic healing technique that was created by Australian Tom Bowen in the 1950s. Touted as a gifted hands-on healer, he was able to sense the body’s natural rhythms and vibrations found in soft tissues, muscles and nerves.

Bowen concentrated on the tension in the fascia (soft connective tissue) when he gently manipulated and worked on his clients. His technique proved very successful and as a result, he opened a clinic in Australia and performed this holistic healing technique to help people naturally heal from health problems.


The Bowen technique is different from massage because it works on the fascia (and not the muscles) within the body. Fascia surrounds every organ and tissue found within the body. There are two layers of fascia: superficial and deep. Sometimes both superficial and deep fascia become knotted and this creates adhesions which cause pain.

Bowen therapy is a series of gentle, subtle movements performed on certain trigger points on the body by licensed Bowen therapists. Therapists use varying degrees of pressure and there is no forceful manipulation used on the body, unlike traditional massage therapy.

The goal of Bowen therapy is that the body heals itself. After a series of gentle manipulations are performed, the therapist leaves the person on the massage table and walks out of the room for five minutes. This allows the body to perform its own natural healing. As a result, the lymphatic system rids the body naturally of toxins that have accumulated (another contributing factor to aches and pains found within the body).

Bowen therapy is not considered a traditional massage technique. However, many massage therapists do incorporate the Bowen technique along with massage therapy.

Sessions usually last one hour and people are encouraged to drink water and walk after the session, to rid the body of additional toxins. Bowen therapists recommend that people receive Bowen treatments on an on-going basis to experience the full therapeutic benefits.

Bowen therapy can be performed on anyone, from newborns to seniors.  Whether you suffer from back pain or anxiety, Bowen therapy is an alternative healing practice that complements traditional Western medical treatments.


Bowen therapy can help people who suffer from the following medical conditions (both mental and physical):

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Back and spine pain.
Hormonal disorders.
Sports injuries.
Premenstrual syndrome.
Menopausal symptoms.
Weight issues.
Stress and anxiety.
Gastrointestinal/digestive issues.
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).


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