The Crazy Thoughts Every Girl Has When Posting To Instagram
Ah the world of Instagram, filled with beautiful people, vibrant sunsets, half-eaten food and a user base of millions riddled with anxiety. Let's face it nobody wants the world to see a bad photo of them and thanks to Instagram's wide range of filters, even the smallest blemish can be highlighted and faded out.

Yet behind all the perfect shots and curated selfies, there's a pretty defined set of steps you need to follow to ensure you get maximum likes and validation for your efforts.

Is the lighting right? Are you having a bad hair day? Is the angle good? What hashtag should you use? Is that expression too creepy or too try hard? And which selfie from the 56 you just took in 12 seconds should you use?

Yes folks, the struggle is real.

This hilarious clip looks at the reality of taking an awesome Instagram shot, the effort you need to put in, the pressure involved and the quest for as many followers, comments and likes as possible.

The question is, are you guilty as charged?


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