Prosolution Pills – Review Of Herbal Male Enhancement Supplement
All over the world men who are having sexual performance problems often look for the most natural ways to solve the problems. One of the most common ways is the use of herbal male sexual enhancement supplements of which Prosolution Pills is an example.

Our review of Prosolution Pills covers the most important aspects of an herbal male enhancement product. The aspects we cover include the safety of the supplement. Safety comes first they say. Then we cover the ingredients, doctor endorsements, the price, side effects, money back guarantee and a few quotes from real customers who used the product.

What Is Prosolution Pills?

Prosolution Pills simply put is a dietary supplement which can help men having sexual dysfunction issues to overcome their predicament and to finally live a fulfilling sex life. The supplement is manufactured by Leading Edge Health in a facility which follows the strict GMP rules.

In this review, we will delve more into the aspects of male sexual enhancement in which Prosolution Pills can be helpful.

Areas Where Prosolution Pills Help Men

Erectile Dysfunction – The most important feature of this herbal male enhancement product is in helping men with erectile dysfunction to be able to produce stronger and longer lasting penile erections whenever the need arises.

Increase Of Testosterone Level – The dietary supplement increases the level of nitric oxide in the body which goes further to increase the production of testosterone and this eventually leads to the increase of libido, sexual desire and stamina.

Increase Of Semen – The zinc oxide which is one of the ingredients used to manufacture Prosolution Pills is responsible for helping the male body to produce more seminal fluid. The zinc oxide can help to increase sexual stamina also. The result is the man being able to last longer sexually and to have multiple sessions within a short period of time – often called fast recovery time.

Increase Of Penis Erection Size – Although this was not the initial aim of the makers of Prosolution Pills but some men who used this product claimed that it increased the size of their erections thereby making their penises look bigger.

Premature Ejaculation – Ejaculating too soon can ruin any promising sexual performance. With the natural ingredients found in Prosolution Pills, the problem of premature ejaculation can be a thing of the past.

Powerful Orgasms – Strong and multiple orgasms can be a reward when using this herbal product. The potency of this herbal penis enhancement supplement is in the special formula of natural ingredients as we will examine later on in this review.

Does Prosolution Pills Even Work?

Just like every other medication, Prosolution Pills does not work 100% on every man. The degree of effectiveness depends on a number of factors that are on person to person basis. Results vary from man to man. There are reports where some men claim that they noticed tangible increase in their penis sizes in the erect form. Other men claim of them being able to last considerably longer during sex while others claim to be rid of premature ejaculation which has been their bane in their respective sexual performances. One thing though that about 78% of tested men claim is a noticeable increase in their erection power. For more information on this read ProsolutionPills Testimonials.

Ingredients Of Prosolution

Below we have supplied the list of the major ingredients that are used to create this herbal male enhancement supplement.


This ingredient contains an active compound called Protodioscin which is responsible for increase of testosterone and also enables fuller and stronger penile erections.


Contains L-Dopa which occurs naturally and this chemical helps with sexual performance.

Korean Ginseng

This ingredient is an unavoidable thing in Asian, Ayurvedic or Chinese traditional medicine. Its properties are found in the fact that it helps with firmness and thickness of erection.

Butea Superba

Increases libido and therefore a powerful remedy for erectile dysfunction.


Its role as an ingredient of Prosolution Pills is to help men with low libido be able to have it increased and to increase vigor and sexual stamina for longer performance.


The role of zinc is in increasing sperm production and to help balance the level of body testosterone. Be mindful that zinc can be obtained naturally through nutrition. There are food stuffs that are abundant in zinc. These food items include sea food, poultry, legumes, milk and soy to name but a few.


Arjuna is a very important ingredient which facilitates good blood circulation. Powerful erections and better sexual performance are very much interrelated to good flow of blood to the genitals.


Body fat is also an important factor in male performance. Keeping the level of your body fat within a reasonable limit can help to increase body testosterone and thus better performance.


Erectile functions depend on blood flow to the genital area. Apigenin maintains healthy blood vessels. A nice factor in combating erectile dysfunction.

Doctors Who Recomend Prosolution Pills

Of all the natural supplements being sold these days whether in pharmacies or online as over the counter medications it is rare to find a product that has backings from renowned doctors or somebody who is an authority in the medical fields. There are such bad and useless products out there that no medical practitioner will ever be ready to put their reputation on stake. However Prosolution Pills have the endorsement of a couple of medical experts.

Dr.Karen Vieira, PhD, MSM.

She gave an expert view of the ingredients that are used to formulate this herbal male sexual enhancement supplement pointing to some significant properties that make them extremely helpful in dealing with the majority of problems facing men. She analyzed each ingredient and their roles. For instance, she made a reference to Bladderwrack as a reducer of excess estrogen and its traditional use in boosting libido.

She mentioned other ingredients such as reishi mushrooms, Cinnamon and Amla to name but a few.

G. Alexander M.I.H Medical Herbalist

He claims that Prosolution Pills have incredible difference in the lives of his patients. He gladly endorses the supplements.

Men Who Used Prosolution Pills Testify

One thing that we are impressed about is the manufacturer encouraging every customer who buy their product to keep track of their successes and report back to them. This is a good thing as it enables the makers of Prodolution pills to improve their product even better in the process of their ever on going research work.

Craig Murphy, Australia, reports that he saw amazing increase in the girth of his penis and a lot harder erections just after 2 weeks of use.

Vadim Yegudkih noticed that after 4 weeks his penis became meatier and more sensitive while having sexual intercourse.

Guarantee Policy

We come to one of the most important questions when trying to buy any herbal male enhancement product.

What if it does not work for me?

What if I am not totally satisfied with the result?

Well according to the makers, they got you covered with their “one of a kind” guarantee policy. If you buy their product and you are not happy with the supplement for whatsoever reason, they offer a 67-day window to return the empty bottles to get a full refund of the money you paid.


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