Exploring London's Intimate 'Magic Hour'
Celebrated British photographer Jasper James teamed up with our friends at HUB Footwear to document 5 unique and creative individuals, set against the backdrop of London’s intimate and otherworldly ‘Magic Hour’

The magic hour can show you the city in a new light with interesting colours, shadows or contrasts and bring it alive in an way you’re not use to seeing.

Each discusses their passions, their journey so far and the challenges that lie ahead in their creative endeavours. Whilst younger than Japser, these 5 individuals represent a new generation of creative of thinkers. Cheaper technology, online collaboration, global crowdsourcing, proximity and camaraderie have opened up new possibilities, previously out of each to former generations.

"When you reach your early twenties, a point comes where you become independent of your parents. You start to discover yourself, experience different things and explore your freedom. One thing has concluded, the other is still to begin You can compare this to the magic hour.” - Jasper James

In the future, London won’t be defined by its buildings, rules and regulations but by a new wave of creative whose work, attitude and lifestyle will define its identity and culture.

After watching this documentary, you’ll realise that the future of London is in safe hands.

But it doesn't end there.

You can play a role too, by photographing the magic hour in your own city. Just upload your images to Facebook or Instagram and tag using #mymagichour to automatically go into the draw to win prizes such Go Pro Hero 3+s, HUB shoes, sunnies, shirts and stack of other goodies. Find out more about the competition right here.

Best of luck!


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