How To Get Rid Of Cottonmouth?
Suffering from a nasty, dry mouth is an unpleasant experience but it’s also a regular fact of life for many people. Unless, that is, they know how to get rid of cottonmouth, as the condition is known.

And the good news is that there are definitely ways to feel better and make a quick return to a healthier and more pleasant mouth. So this article is going to take a closer look at just how to get rid of cottonmouth, and how you can even prevent it in the first place.

But first we’ll quickly discuss exactly what it is…


Cottonmouth is a condition where your mouth feels extremely dry and uncomfortable.

Typical cottonmouth symptoms include chapped lips, difficulty swallowing, thirst, a cough, hoarseness or saliva that feels thick.

Indeed, the name describes it perfectly because your mouth feels dry like cotton. Because your mouth feels so dry, the condition is also often known as dry mouth too.

Now we know what it is, let’s consider what causes cottonmouth…


There are a variety of possible causes of cottonmouth. At the top of the list are nutrient deficiencies.

There are a few other possible causes of cottonmouth too though, including dehydration, medications, drugs and autoimmune disorders.

So now let’s look in more detail at some of these causes and how to get rid of cottonmouth in each case.



Every cell in your body needs vitamins and minerals on a daily basis in order to make repairs and perform regular maintenance on your cells. If you neglected oil changes in your car and other necessary maintenance routines, your car would soon develop problems. In the same way, your body suffers from neglecting to eat healthily.


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So make sure you include raw vitamin C in your daily diet. This nutrient helps repair the damage to the oral tissues that’s caused by a dry mouth. And B12 vitamins are needed to help boost your immune system. They’re needed to produce healthy red blood cells in bone marrow.

Vitamin B2 aids in the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Vitamin A works on maintaining the fragile membranes lining the mouth, throat, eyes, sinuses and even the digestive tract.

If your dry mouth is the result of a regular diet of processed foods that are lacking nutrients, then drinking raw, juiced vegetables and fruits daily is a cheap and easy remedy.

Make a daily serving tray of bite-size raw vegetables and fruits. And snack on nuts and seeds in place of sugary candies.

In short, eating more healthily is one of the best ways of getting rid of cottonmouth.


You may be dehydrated even before you first experience thirst. Drinks that contain caffeine produce a diuretic effect on the body.

And exercise uses lots of water. What’s more, even digesting your meals needs a lot of water too.

And a fact you may not be aware of is that your brain is the biggest user of water. It even has the power to remove water from the heart if it becomes low on it.

Indeed, every organ in your body uses water to perform the repairs and maintenance that keep you healthy, so the best (and most obvious!) solution to cottonmouth caused by dehydration is to drink lots of water.

You can also add moisture to your night air by turning on a humidifier. Other ways to moisten the air in your home are to place wet clothes on a drying rack, place shallow dishes of water near radiators and other sources of heat, turn the thermostat down on your heating, and place plants around your house.


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It sounds obvious, but the key to how to get rid of cottonmouth caused by dehydration is to keep your body hydrated.


Another common cause of cottonmouth is the use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Decongestants, allergy medications, diuretics, and sedatives can all be the culprits.

If you’re using muscle relaxants or antidepressants you may have to change the prescription. A different prescription may work just as well without the dry mouth side effects.


Systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or hypothyroidism may be causing your discomfort.

If your cottonmouth isn’t due to any of the other causes discussed here, then it may be time for a check-up at the doctors to rule out any of these conditions.


Other drugs apart from medications can also be a cause of cottonmouth. For example, smoking weed can often result in you suffering from it. Indeed, cottonmouth can even be caused by vaping weed too. And normal cigarette smoking is another culprit.

If this applies to you, then the advice below offers some cottonmouth cures and ways of preventing it returning.


If you suffer from it on a regular basis, permanently getting rid of cottonmouth may be as easy as eliminating some of the caffeine drinks in your busy day. Many brands of coffee, tea and carbonated drinks contain high amounts of caffeine, which as we discussed earlier is a diuretic. So look for drinks that have no caffeine in them. And make sure you drink plenty of water.

The alcohol content in many mouthwashes can have a drying effect too. So always check the labels, and use products that are alcohol and sugar-free.


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And brush, floss and rinse three times a day to clean and help moisturize your mouth.

Another thing that many people use as a cottonmouth cure is to suck on hard candy. Doing this, makes your body produce more saliva which in turn moistens your mouth.

Finally, if you breathe through your mouth this can cause your mouth to become dry. So try and breathe through your nose when possible. Of course, this can be tricky if you suffer from allergies or have a cold, but if your nose is congested you can ease it by steam inhalation. Essential oils are also a great way of treating colds and easing the symptoms of allergies, allowing you to breathe through your nose more easily.

Now that you know how to get rid of cottonmouth, this unpleasant and annoying condition can be a thing of the past. Which is great news – after all, we all deserve a healthy mouth, don’t we?

As always, I welcome your contributions so please use the comments section below to let me know what gets rid of cottonmouth best in your experience.


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